Having stability issues in Windows Trex miner with newly added 3rd gpu and 2nd psu

So, I’ve been fining for the past few months just fine on my system with a 3090 FE and 3080 FE using Trex miner in Windows 10. I was able to get another 3080 FE last week, and finally got the parts in to add it to my rig. My main system is running off of a 1000W PSU and that includes a 5950x, 3090FE and 3080FE. I setup and synced with a dual psu mobo adapter a second 750W psu that is just connected to the motherboard adapter and the 2nd 3080 gpu.

I can get everything to boot up (after some initial troubles) but I’m having severe stability issues in Windows. I can mine perfectly with the 2 gpus (3090 & 3080) that are connected to the original 1000W power supply with no issues. However, whenever I start trying to mine with the 3rd gpu that is connected to the 750W PSU by itself, my computer crashes and gives me the BSOD after a couple minutes. The gpu itself is the older 3080 that has been working like a champ for the past couple months, so I know there’s nothing wrong with it and its thermals.

Is there something other than the MB dual psu cable adapter that I need to have a more stable dual psu setup?

Edit: I’m just using a regular full PCIE 3.0 riser cable because I haven’t had luck getting the USB ones to work on my system yet.

What do you think?

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