Having problems buying more Safemoon! Help!

Hey guys,

So it’s been almost 2 months since I last bagged up on some Safemoon. Just sold one of my properties and felt like adding a few hundred million more coins, before the SM wallet comes out…😱 but for some reason unable to do so through Trust wallet.

The process would be to add 💰to BNB—-Trade the BNB money to smartchain, then transfer that money to pancake swap in order to buy Safemoon. Trust wallet is no longer allowing me to transfer to pancake swap. The browser option is no longer there for me to find pancake swap.

I’m using iOS. There was a process by going to “trust//browser_enable” in order to enable the browser tab in my trust wallet, to purchase Safemoon. Now once I go to that address, I get a msg saying “the in house browser has been removed due to App Store guidelines.”….So now I’m stuck and unable to purchase more 😭😭😭

Help plz. For those iPhone users who uses trust wallet, how do I bypass this issue? Or is there now a simpler way to purchase Safemoon?

What do you think?

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