Has anyone used The Graph before? I am having trouble creating a Subgraph

I am trying to create a Sub graph using an existing contract but I keep getting the error:

– Load subgraph from subgraph.yaml

✖ Failed to load subgraph from subgraph.yaml: Error in subgraph.yaml:


Path: dataSources > 0 > mapping > entities

No value provided

error Command failed with exit code 1.


In the subgraph.yaml file it says I don’t have any entities and I think this is triggering the error. However, I couldn’t find any documentation on why this error occur or how subgraphs are created.

– For reference, I believe that the error is caused by my contract ABI. I am currently passing in an ABI from one solidity class file but my project consists of other sol files . I am not sure how you would create an ABI file for all the solidity files.

– Also The graph was not able to get the ABI files directly through etherscan so I had to pass it in through locally.

Been pulling my hair out on this for the entire day . Plez send help.

What do you think?

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  1. Can’t say for sure what is the issue without looking at your code.
    If you’re not able to get the ABIs directly from etherscan, it might be because the contract is not verified. If you’re trying this out for learning, try with some simple example contracts or the ones for which a subgraph already exists. This will definitely help you understand better.

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