Has anyone had this error when mining?

I am still new at this, my setup works great with RVN but I have this problem with mining ETH. I have 3 GPUs and only 2 of them will work when I run my file. If I close cmd and run the file again, only 2 will work again but it rotates. For example: “Error on GPU1:out of memory” “stopped mining on GPU1”. Then I restart the process and I will get “Error on GPU2:out of memory” “stopped mining on GPU2”.
So all of these GPUs can mine ETH but why am I getting this error each time? I have shut down the PC and rebooted just to be sure.

Error Screenshots:

VRAM Screenshots:

Edit: I am using gminer 2.60 but I had the same problems with trex miner

Edit: SOLVED. I raised the VRAM settings again and again and rebooted multiple times then it worked. In case anyone has similar issues.

What do you think?

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