GREENTRUST the foremost Eco-friendly Cryptocurrency 🌲

GREENTRUST the foremost Eco-friendly Cryptocurrency 🌲

GreenTrust token is a new project created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), scalable, high-throughput protocol, powered by a BEP-20 token which is used for various forms of participation in the network (staking, transacting, voting & governance).

What generates interest about GreenTrust, is it moves far beyond any traditional cryptocurrency, having also the potential to **contribute to substantially reduce the environmental impact and the carbon footprint.**

GreenTrust strives to become the principal token involved in climate change, so if you care about the planet and want to truly make a difference, this is your chance!!

**The goal of GreenTrust token is to contrast the carbon emission** **of blockchain technology,** through several initiatives worldwide, as well as partnership with no-profit associations and engineering firms involved to develop new technologies in this sense. The Greentrust **team** and **community** as a whole, really believe in achieving these goals.


PLANT the foremost Eco-friendly Cryptocurrency ❗

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**Address: 0xf750a26eb0acf95556e8529e72ed530f3b60f348**

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