Going to speculate here

Just a quick speculation thread. I’m sure there will be some rude and condescending comments as there usually are. But let’s go back to when John posted on Twitter that the Safemoom Wallet was the 2nd product produced in the Safemoon ecosystem. This got overlooked. Everyone said, well the 1st was the token. That means that there would have to be a product before that. Could it be the exchange already complete. Why put out a Wallet just to have Safemoon sit in there. What if the exchange is already complete and launches when the Wallet does. Maybe HOOT is the name of the exchange. John kept saying they were ahead of schedule. Maybe the “ludicrous speed” comments were to tip us that they were that far ahead in progress. Thoughts?

What do you think?

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  1. There have been so many different speculations regarding the hoot it is really hard to know which one it could be. The two that I think most likely could be correct both have to do with the blockchain. Which the blockchain is going to be just as vital as the wallet and the exchange.

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