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This is the last report from my previous CCS proposal and includes all the changes to Getmonero of the last ~30 days. I also want to say thanks for everyone who supported or contributed to my new CCS proposal, which is now in [funding required]( and it’s already almost completely funded. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

## Updates to Getmonero
These are the major changes to []( since [my last update](

– New top card in the homepage, with new slogan and new action buttons – [#1633](
– New [‘Tools’ page](, which replaces the outdated user guide ‘Tools’ – [#1670](
– New FAQ [‘Are there known vulnerabilities in Monero?’]( – [#1667](
– New blog post: [General Fund Report]( – [#1686](
– Added new cheatsheet about RingCT in the [Library]( – [#1655](
– Updated website with translations for 12 languages from 30 translators (thanks!) – [#1664](
– The mining page have been restyled and refreshed – [#1656](
– Updated user guide [Getting started with the CLI wallet]( – [#1661](, [#1665](
– Remove references of MatterMost (which is deprecated in favour of Matrix) – [#1662](
– Replace Freenode with Libera in Workgroups, Hangouts and readme – [#1652](, [1677](, [#1693](
– Added date of the last hard fork to the FAQ [‘Is it true that Monero has a hardfork every 6 months?’]( – [#1674](
– Remove mentions of Kovri in the Moneropedia entry ‘Encryption’ – [#1653](
– Added an issue termplate for removing merchants – [#1673](
– Rearranged ongoing and upcoming tasks in the roadmap – [#1679](
– Minor fixes and adjustements to the blog – [#1689](
– Add right margin to the img for external links – [#1684](
– Optimize cumulative layout shift in the home – [#1678](
– Updated language files of the user guide [‘Verify binaries on Linux, Mac, or Windows command line (advanced)’]( – [#1639](
– add hashes of source code (archive) to the ‘verify’ section in ‘Downloads’ – [#1691](

This list **doesn’t** include all changes to the website or to the repository. For a wider overview, take a look at the [list of all commits]( or the [overview of the activity on Github during the last month](


## New merchants
These are businesses which accept Monero recently added to the ‘Merchants’ page. For the complete list visit

*Note: we list these merchants for convenience, we don’t do deep vetting. We only check that the websites actually accept Monero and are not obvious scams. Do not use these services without first making your own researches about them.*

**Private Phone Shop** [#1685](
De-googled phones with LineageOS and GrapheneOS

De-Googled phones

**Canada Virtual Office** [#1683](
Corporate address service

**Premier Environmental Services** [#1882](
Environmental services, specialised in Pest Management

**B Bros Studio** [#1663](
Film production company & Music recording studio

**Cloud Matrix** [#1668](
Shared Hosting, Virtual Servers, Linux Server Administration

**Occidental Technologies** [1705](
Web Development, Software Engineering

4 merchants were **removed**:


If you know a business which accepts Monero who is not listed, let us know and we will add it to the [‘Merchants’ page]( To add a merchant, [open an issue on the repository and fill up the template](

## We need contributors willing to work on the website!
Contributors willing to help with the website are always welcome. You are encouraged to join the `#monero-site` chatroom (on Freenode, Matrix and MatterMost) to stay up to date and participate to the development. It’s possbile to contribute to the development of the website in several ways:

– **Translate!** It’s possible to translate the main parts of the website through an user-friendly graphic interface: [Weblate]( You don’t need any particular experience, except speaking a second language, but make sure to read the guide you find at the top of the page.
– **Resolve an issue!** There are many [open issues]( only waiting for contributors to work on them. Keep an eye especially on the issues labelled [“โ›‘๏ธ contributor needed” ](, which are mostly documentation changes or easy issues which don’t require deep technical knowledge. If you would like to help with one of those, but you are scared by the fact that you need to navigate the repository, feel free to contact us and we will manage to get you started.

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