Get free $30 in DFI when you deposit $50 in crypto to CakeDeFi, 106% APY! (Can withdraw your deposit right after if you want, DFI listed @KuCoin, @Bittrex, @Hotbit)

[]( and their Pool by Cake is a fully transparent platform that generates interest on your deposits. You can earn 5-8% annual interest on major cryptocurrencies and 106% on the DFI token. See more details on their YouTube channel at [](

Cake have recently launched an awesome referral program and they’re giving out $30 worth of DFI token to anyone who signs up with my referral link and deposits at least $50 or more of crypto. The bonus is staked and earns approx. 106% interest for 6 months, and can be withdrawn after this time (180 days). This offer is a limited-time only addition to their normal referral program, so hurry up!

**If you sign up without a referral link, you will only get $20.**

Follow these steps to get your $30 bonus:

1. Sign up through my referral link []( to get the $30 bonus (**non-ref get only $20**).

2. Verify your identity. This took less than half a day for me to be confirmed, but might take up to 72 hours now because they have a lot of new sign ups.

3. Deposit at least $50+ worth of any supported crypto (BTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, USDT, DFI, LTC, DOGE). Must be in one transaction, not in several ones! I sent some DASH, swapped before from BNB to DASH at Binance. Of course you can buy DFI for 50$+ or more at Bittrex or KuCoin, send them to Cake, add them additionally to your free 30$ DFI bonus and start staking with more tokens.

4. $30 worth of DFI token will be added to your account immediately when deposit is in your account. You can then withdraw your deposit if you like, or swap it to DFI (Swap only possible with BTC and ETH!).

5. You can withdraw your bonus, as well as accrued interest, after 180 days. Set a reminder so you don’t forget πŸ˜‰

There are no fees to deposit cryptocurrency into your CakeDeFi account. The withdrawal fees vary per cryptocurrency, but DASH is the cheapest to withdraw at ~$0.39. Back at Binance, swap DASH back to BNB.

See [withdrawal fees]( & [updated terms](

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