$GBT savior of Black Americans

$GBT treats one of the most prevalent diseases that afflicts black Americans (sickle cell disease). The company has a large short interest and at these depressed prices is an excellent takover candidate . A leading Oppenheimer analyst that has an impeccable track record has a price target roughly 130% higher. JPM analyst downgraded stock today which presents interesting entry point.


Bottom line : most of us have made a significant amount of money on this site and market in general lets pay forward and make a difference and help fund a company that truly makes a difference for black lives and make a fortune while doing so.

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  1. Sickle cell, along with other blood disorders, will be one of the first diseases solved through genetic engineering. GBT’s drug is worth nothing once there is a true cure.

  2. Is this where Wall Street Bets is now ?

    Oh how the mighty have fallen

    Flee from her you with ears to hear, for she is a haunt for Shills and unclean motives, and your destruction is assured if you heed the lies told therein.

Contract no longer allowing me to sell. A different type of honey pot?