GateHub + globaliD Are Launching The Most “Identity Secured” Crypto Exchange | by GlobaliD


globaliD and GateHub today announced a new secured identify onboarding solution that will help financial institutions address the processes of universal cross-border payments

GlobaliD, aka ‘stripe for identity’, provides secure identity management and onboarding services focusing on digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and XRP, token sales, and remittance providers. globaliD is currently live with GateHub and has penetrated over a third of GateHub’s user base; by the end of this quarter, over forty percent of GateHub users will be onboarded by globaliD.

“We at GateHub are thrilled to bring the best and most secure portable identity onboarding experience to our customers,” said Enej Pungerčar, co-founder and CEO of GateHub. GateHub is currently onboarding 50,000 new users a day, growing at 131.9% per month with a market cap of $250,000,000.

After a wave of high profile hacks over the last few years, the issue of cybersecurity has never been more prominent. This joint partnership allows GateHub to provide customers with globaliD’s seamless and secure biometrics-based platform, which sidesteps the need for traditional usernames and passwords. This means that customer information is never at risk.

In today’s new world without usernames and passwords, globaliD provides a private, secure and encrypted surrogate. GateHub customers are no longer required to re-enter usernames and passwords, meaning that their customer data is no longer propagated across the internet. In addition, globaliD’s data vaults and its encryption keys are kept safely offline in cold storage.

“globaliD is very excited to be working with GateHub, an innovative industry leader that continues to grow everyday. globaliD helps companies onboard their users during an interesting time in which data privacy and security pose critical challenges” said Greg Kidd, co-founder and CEO of globaliD.

About globaliD: globaliD, a venture-funded San Francisco-based identity provider, offers a portable, safe, and private way for people to create a digital identity and gain permissions to act through its ecosystem. globaliD is venture backed by Arbor Ventures, 500 Startups, CampOne Ventures, Altair, China Rock Capital.

About GateHub: GateHub Limited is a UK based company founded in 2014. GateHub is building a global consumer financial network based on Ripple (scalable to other protocols). We aim to enable individuals and businesses to take part in the upcoming Internet of Value, and to have more fun, ease of use, financial control, and safety than current offerings.

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