Game over for Binance in Europe.

For those of you trying to withdraw UK or EUR funds and cant dont expect to anytime soon.

Clearjunction is one of the biggest respected pp’s in London, no one and i Mean no-one is going to process these payments now. Its all because Binance have no hq or offices all registrations are in the cayman Islands, notorious for big ticket criminal activity.

Ive take the lot out of Binance today, A sad day, but if the daft idiots had only followed the FCA registration processes wed be ok today. But I fear the game is over for binance UK


What do you think?

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  1. Let’s hope this is temporary and only Clear Junctions way of saying that they mean business. As an example, Sweden recently lost it government due to one party standing up and refusing on a topic. One week later when the draft was pulled could the old government be re-instated.

    Fingers crossed that Binance has gotten some demands, and will follow through on those. Then things could go back to normal again.

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