Future is Bright!

How optimistic are you about Safemoon? Do you think it gonna be a new ecosystem that big corporations take granted and be as famous and adoptable as BTC or at least in the top 5 crypto?

Personally, I think in a matter of 5 years I can see Safemoon in the top 20 and with legit financial system to be established, faster TPS, worlwide fame, adoption by multiple companies in the US but not banks. With their own block chain I can see how retail companies will start to accept payments in Safemoon, investors will be rushed to join and not to be overly optimistic by 2030 I can see some small banks adoption and Visa too in which most investors from 2021 are millionaires.

What do you think?

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  2. They need a new CEO if they are going to have any chance of continued growth. The current guy is nice but is essentially a lucky, immature frat boy.

    We need experience, direction and proper leadership to combine with papa’s brilliance to break our months of downtrend

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