Fun ways to hide your other files?

I use a ledger S, and it’s perfectly fine for keeping all my coin safe, but what do you guys do for little 2FA passwords for defi apps and stuff that you NEED to have saved, but aren’t valuable enough to warrant stacking it on top of my other physical keys I have saved.
I still use the thumb drive that was my “while I wait for my ledger” wallet for all of my exchange recovery passwords for all the things that I might want to use, but don’t hold actual coins on. So I don’t NEED this thumb drive to be the most secure thing in the world, but I like to disguise them as really old media drives. A few movies, maybe some driver stuff from fiddling on new pc builds.

What is the coolest way you guys can think of hiding and/or encrypting your notepad/secrets on a thumb drive? I’m thinking something like making all the settings for a minecraft server, but one of the mods in the modpack would actually be the .JAR file that has all my secrets.

What do you think?

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  1. Obfuscation is not a great way to secure files.

    If you have a thumb drive you should consider fully encrypting it with something like, if you are on windows or Mac OS (most modern Linux distros have such tools built-in).

    You will only be able to mount the drive and access its data if you know it’s passphrase.

    You can then also an image of that disk and then save it some where else as a backup.

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