Fruit's Adventures ($FRUIT)

Fruit’s Adventures focus on fun first with our Binance Smart Chain-powered fruit adventures. Players can win Fruit tokens by playing our decentralized games. The goal of the FRUIT Token DeFi Project is to use Decentralized Finance blockchains to develop and implement fun, skill-based games to increase the potential footprint of crypto usage on the market.

How does it work?

It uses 8 stake buttons and has 22 units. Nearly every spin will win, with an overall winning rate of over 95%! The maximum potential payout is an x288 – that can turn a small number of FRUIT tokens into a small fortune of FRUIT to exchange on the stack! This method has been used in many variations of the game, but this is the first time it has taken advantage of the DeFi model to bring immediate payout and global accessibility.

$FRUIT Token Utility

1. Trading
Users will be able to trade $FRUIT tokens based on their convenience without involving third-parties.

2. Farming
Liquidity providers can stake their LP tokens to enjoy exclusive APR up to 2000%.

3. Adventures
$FRUIT token is a core part of Fruit’s Adventure game. Users can play and win more $FRUIT.

Token SummaryFruit’s Adventure Game


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