Freedom community in need of ETH contract help

Good day to you all, I am working on a serious project with the website taken care of by myself. But as part of my organisation we have chosen crypto tokens as the instrument for creating a financial backbone to our community. Here is were the hard part comes in… Although I have been in crypto since 2017 and I am a webshop manager that can read (a bit) of code, at first glans it seems a little out of my reach to build a decent ETH contract. (I will start testing from now on) . I have a telegram group wich brings in people from te Netherlands that do not want to be a part of the current political and Economical system anymore. We want to change this , and we have taken the steps to start this. Only thing we need to accomplish is to buy the source code for a decent ETH contract. In exchange we want to reward everyone that helps here by letting them in early into our project so they have a decent profit. We think our project will be big once we officially release! I have overcome a big depression and see this project as my only way out in a happy life far from The Netherlands were it looks like a decent dicatorship nowadays.. If anyone could help us out here we will never forgot you and we will reward you by honoring you and inviting you to come and visit the place you have helped creating! Are there any people still believing in creating a better future amd are willing to help us with the tokenomics and design of our ETH tokens? You do not have to do it for nothing all though like I have said we can reward you by making a very decent profit from joining early. Looking forward to your help, I hope its clear if not ask me anything. Peace and Love from a group thats ready to move to a sustainable happy new life!

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