Fraternal Association of Gambling Gentlemen and Yacht Degenerates for July 09, 2021


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User|Cast Vote|Voters


Only approved users can participate here. They can induct and eject other users which will be displayed publicly as it is happening in the above tables. Anyone on the approved users list (which you cannot see) will be ignored entirely by /u/VisualMod and most of the AutoModerator rules for all comments and submissions, so bestow this status on people wisely to accrue traders and bros to the thread.
Five affirmative votes are required to induct or eject someone. Simply click one of the links below and put their username (no /u/) in the body of the message.

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  1. It’s pretty fucking that wild when light enters our eyes, the image of what we’re looking at is flipped and our brain is like, na dog I got you, and flips the image back to normal

  2. Went out for a run and a girl either looked like she was panicked that I was coming 4mph down the sidewalk or she recognized me and was yelling at me. Either way I didn’t want to stop

  3. If I were Daddy Elon I would pull the biggest ‘Fuck you’ in human history and randomly livestream myself everywhere on a secret launch to space Saturday night at midnight. Like, start the stream 60 seconds to launch.

    If I died Branson and Bezos would both puss out, and the rest of the earthbound folk would lose their fucking minds. If I made it back you’d get the same result and I’d be a legend.

    This is why I’m not allowed to be a billionaire.

  4. I remember it was cold that morning. The sun had risen and was creeping beams of gold through the leaves all colored in shades of fall. A squirrel rustled through leaves on the ground as it scurried through the yard.

    Perhaps its a bit early to be drinking I thought to myself as I sipped another taste of bourbon. The warmth of the alcohol bringing comfort in the chilly solitude. Wet tears streamed down my face as I barely could contain my emotions any longer.

    “How would I ever tell my wife what happened?” I thought to myself staring out into the serene pasture.

    Just then my wife burst out. There was worry on her face like I hadn’t seen in ages. Maybe she knew.

    “Honey I saw the news about the stock market crash. People are losing everything… are we ok?”

    I hesitated to tell her for a second wanting to choose my words carefully.

    “Yes honey don’t worry I was able to get out of its way. We have a dip to buy!” I said a smile stretching across my face like a car salesman.

    My wife saw my discomfort but left it at that as she went inside to finish breakfast. I couldn’t tell her the truth as much as I wanted to. That I took out another mortage on the home to play options. What I had truly done with our money.

    A light sob escaped my lungs and I reached to finish my glass of bourbon. Today was worth feeling numb for. I had avoided it until now, but I believe it was finally time.

    Time to close my puts.

  5. Imagine your dick getting precum just from standing in close proximity to a girl in a black little dress, smelling her cocoa lotion, and giving her a hug.


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