Fraternal Association of Gambling Gentlemen and Yacht Degenerates for July 07, 2021


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Only approved users can participate here. They can induct and eject other users which will be displayed publicly as it is happening in the above tables. Anyone on the approved users list (which you cannot see) will be ignored entirely by /u/VisualMod and most of the AutoModerator rules for all comments and submissions, so bestow this status on people wisely to accrue traders and bros to the thread.
Five affirmative votes are required to induct or eject someone. Simply click one of the links below and put their username (no /u/) in the body of the message.

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  1. I have a runny nose, out of tissues, on my last roll of TP, and the paper towels are almost gone too. Gonna be a long night, hope I have a good shit tomorrow morning before I go to the store. Prob gonna eat a banana.

  2. You guys [this person demands to speak to our manager](

    Edit: looked at post and comment history, Fuck it they seem cool inducting this Karen u/aquaticsardonic so they can speak to the manager

    [feet pics]( 🥵🥵🥵🥵

  3. Genuinely think fsd is further along than people realize. V9 is gonna blow peoples minds. Yes there will be a few edge cases but more and more people are going to realize that the simple fucking task that every mouth breathing moron is capable of, can be done by software.

    Fsd is a titanic money printer. If consensus is that it’s likely, Tesla starts edging towards $3k a share

  4. I remember there was some dumb show on spiketv where they asked the question what item in the refrigerator would most feel like a vagina and the answer they came up with was veal that had been warmed up just a smidge.

    Anyways the point of this story is that it keeps me up at night thinking of the amount of lonely men who have probably fucked a veal cutlet thanks to this show.

  5. Heard this is where all the gentleman hang out. 18F Cambodia.. looking for sugar daddy.. and not that weird guy that puts sugar water on his 🍆 to attract 🦋

  6. Am I the only one here being sketched the fuck out about NEGG? It’s a stock nobody has ever heard of, an extremely small market cap with almost no volume then all of a sudden it explodes and I see gain posts left and right from people who were apparently holding it for a while. [](

    I don’t know about you guys, but my pump and dump senses are tingling.

  7. What price does GME need to drop to for an Ape to commit an act of violence? Not being flippant. There are definitely Q-tards who dropped their life savings into it based on some theory about the Rothschilds hoarding used GameCube controllers in order to bankrupt GameStop or whatever.

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