Found out why my RX 580’s were crashing

I could not figure out why my miners kept crashing on HiveOS. I assumed my cards were getting faulty. So I decided to watch the temps. The core would always stay around the same, but I had a suspicion the VRAM temps were going a bit haywire. Turns out, it was the VRAM pads that were degraded over multiple years mining.

[Backplate pads just fall off like crumbles](

TBH I thought the stock pads would last much longer, but the pads all came off like chalk and were no longer spongey feeling.


[Years of abuse turns them to chalk almost](

Oh yeah for those wondering what gpu it is, it’s an RX 580 8GB sapphire nitro+. Excellent hashrate for when I got it ages ago (30 mh/s @ 105 watts). Yeah it’s not high in efficiency but it can still mine great given the 4 years time I’ve owned it.


Info about the pads:

Thickness: 1mm (back and front)

Pads used:


Any 12 + W/MK pads should work fine, including

Gelid Extreme

Thermalright Odyssey

Fuji Poly.

What do you think?

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