First Virtual Casino in a Metaverse!!

I don’t usually post much but I felt the need for people to know about this Casino called DecentralGames ($DG). It is located in the Metaverse called Decentraland and this is the first Virtual Casino where I saw real people actually being hired as “Casino Hosts” who welcome new users like myself and give us tours and answer questions. I started playing Blackjack and I deposited 0.22 WETH since all the betting take place on matic network and I ended up winning 1.3 WETH plus when the user gambles in the casino with crypto, the casino mines $DG for you and I ended up mining 0.98 $DG (around 100$) all on matic. It is a very intresting project to invest on and 100 percent should check it out. Users can either stake their DG in the governance, LP or Quickswap it. I personally staked mine in ETH-DG. All you need is a metamask to make an account in Decentraland and walk in the casino and meet a host!

What do you think?

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