first rig cobbled together using old PC parts and scrap building materials

I’m very proud of the first mining rig I’ve made by scratch. it’s not much but awesome to see it running and mining. most of the equipment I used was spare building materials I’ve had lying around the house. I’ve had it stationed at my parent’s place as they have solar power and I’ve been paying them market rates for power (.08 KW/h

The picture doesn’t include the new GPU’s I’ve been using just my old r9 280x I’ve been using for measuring out spacing!

but now I got myself 3 GPU’s 2 RX 580’s and a 1660 super. hash rates have been consistent around 95 using Phoneix miner

I was very grateful as I could use a lot of spare components to keep pricing down! used an Fx-6300 and the motherboard has 5 PCIe slots

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  1. Nice! πŸ‘. I’m about to build out my 1st dedicated rig this weekend.. Asus strix b450f gaming, R5 2400G, RX5500xt 8GB, RX570 4GB, RX560 4GB, 1050ti 4GB, and a regular 1050 3GB,. Im currently only mining ETC on my RX5500 but I plan to switch it to ETH for the remainder of the time it’s mineable and run the 4GB cards on ETC β›οΈπŸ˜Ž I’m constantly scanning for good deals 2nd hand I’ve gotten my two Polaris RX cards both new and both under$100 so I’m not in the rig a whole lot other than my HP PSU and ZSX breakout board because the rest I had already from being given unused PCs by family n friends over the last couple years

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