Finally able to share my almost 1gh/s rig!

I started building this around December, at first I just had a few cases full of cards [here]( but as I grew crazier and grinded my way through deals on my cards, I eventually got around to buying a BTC 37 from Amazon, and as I gained more cards, got one of [these]( 1 to 4 PCIE multipliers to branch more cards of it, [here]( As I kept finding deals, be it GPU’s by themselves used or MSRP, or bying local whole systems and reflipping the rest after I took the GPU out, I gained enough more to justify a second BTC S37 (for better spacing) and have built this [monster]( Except for 2 of my GPU’s, which I only payed about $100 over MSRP, I got them all mostly under MSRP except the few 3070s I got for MSRP exactly. Im at roughly 930 mh/s including the 3080 in my gaming PC, and when I get my last RX 5700xt back from RMA and do some tuning I’ll finally be at 1 gh/s!

3x EVGA 3070 XC3

2x EVGA 3070 FTW3

1x MSI 2080ti Ventus

1x PNY 2080ti blower

1x red dragon vega 56

1x red dragon rx 5700

1x sapphire rx 5600xt

2x sapphire rx 5700xt’s

1x sapphire rx 5700xt BE

1x sapphire nitro rx 5700xt

1x XFX RAW III rx 5700xt

1x XFX thicc rx 5700xt

1x Asus strix rx 5700xt

1x red devil rx 5700xt (in RMA)

1x BTC 37 mobo

1x BTC S37 mobo

2x EVGA GA 850w golds

1x evga B5 850w bronze

1x evga G2 850w gold

1x powerspec 750w gold

I know my current layout is atrocious, I spent roughly half an hour on this and then went back to busy life so I still need to come back around to learning how to bios flash these and tune them more, but as of right now, [this]( is my life, plus the 95mh/s my 3080 is giving me on nice hash. I dont remember how much power at the wall all of this plus the fans was, but it was the ballpark of 2350w, but where I am, electric is 5 cent per kw/h soooooo

As of now, Im trying not to spend any more money on it so I think Ill keep my current setup and not get a grow tent like I saw some other people doing, my temps arent too bad except the couple cards I need to repaste and repad.

What do you think?

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  1. Question. Do you have multiple PSUs tied into your Btc S37? Cause I was reading that they don’t have isolated circuits? Or. Well. One of the two versions of the s37 doesn’t have isolated circuits. Also. This looks sexy af. Congrats on the milestone 🙂

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