FetusDoge πŸ‘Ό HUGE giveaway ongoing, PooCoin ads, 1000 Telegram members. What more can you ask for?

FetusDoge is still growing steadily and strong. Their shill list giveaway is still ongoing. PooCoin ads are up.

But there’s something new.

They’ve got something called an Elon Wallet πŸ’³.

It’s a wallet that’s currently worth πŸ’²1,000 USD in tokens, and the community will keep filling it up. Anyone has the chance to win the wallet. But how?

Here are the rules:

❗️ You have to tweet at Elon about FetusDoge and have him notice you.

1) In order to win the whole pot, Elon must directly reply or like your tweet.

2) If Elon independently posts about it, we send Elon Wallet to him or share it with all the holders via airdrop.

That means you have the chance to win one thousand dollars.

And even if you don’t, they’ve got PooCoin ads running, a MadLabs endorsement, and are constantly churning out more marketing and strategies. Brilliant.


βœ‹ 4% for redistribution

πŸ’¦ 4% for liquidity

πŸ‘› 4% for marketing/charity

Come join the community and grab that Elon wallet!

⭐️ Contract Address: 0x045Fd3795068358343608f469cD1a9b184BE6f70

🌐 Website: [](

πŸ›« Telegram: [](

🐀 Twitter: [](

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