$FetusDoge 👶 Crypto Messiah approved, Elon Wallet at $3,000, and upcoming burn of 2 trillion tokens!

FetusDoge is back and bigger.

They just got shouted out THRICE by Crypto Messiah / 1goonrich on Twitter.

The Elon Wallet has jumped from $1,000 in value to $3,000 in value.

The market cap went over DOUBLED from $150,000 to $400,000.

There’s an upcoming burn of 2 TRILLION tokens.

And they currently have 500 holders, and 1,400 Telegram members.

We’ve been hyping this up for almost a week now. Why haven’t you FOMO’d in? I know I have. A bunch of times, too. The dev team’s been amazing with marketing, hyping up the community, and reaching out to influencers and communities for shilling and promotion. Brilliant work.

Now if you don’t know how the Elon Wallet works, let me break it down:

❗️ You have to tweet at Elon about FetusDoge and have him notice you.

1. In order to win the whole pot, Elon must directly reply or like your tweet.

2. If Elon independently posts about it, we send Elon Wallet to him or share it with all the holders via airdrop.

That means you have the chance to win one thousand dollars.

And even if you don’t, they’ve got PooCoin ads running, a MadLabs endorsement, and are constantly churning out more marketing and strategies. Your bags are about to pump. Hard.


✋ 4% for redistribution

💦 4% for liquidity

👛 4% for marketing/charity

Come join the community and grab that Elon wallet!

⭐️ Contract Address: 0x045Fd3795068358343608f469cD1a9b184BE6f70

🌐 Website: [](

🛫 Telegram: [](

🐤 Twitter: [](

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