Feedback on stable-coins BUSD and USDT

Hey, I’d like to receive some feedback on the aforementioned stable-coins **USDT** and **BUSD**.

First I would like to know what are the most popular use-cases you or anyone may use them for? For me, I initially would purchase some **USDT** before going to trade it for other cryptos, but I’ve recently discovered **BUSD** which seems in my opinion safer than **USDT**, given how controversial **USDT** is said to be given them not conducting and publishing 3rd party audits on their holdings among other things.

I tend to move some of my profits over to stable coins and would either pay myself that on a monthly basis, use it to reinvest in other currencies or even to weather a potential bear market to minimalize my losses.

[Screenshot from CoinMarketCap about BUSD](

It should be noted I am not from North America, but **BUSD** stats to be regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Can someone from the state of New York or closer tell me how credible or reliable this is? Especially over **USDT**.

What do you think?

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  1. I think USDC is the most trusted of all USD stable coins. If you’re on Binance, there are benefits for keeping BUSD for earning interest or farming on Launchpads. Outside Binance it doesn’t have much use. USDT has the most trading pair but I wouldn’t keep large sums for long because of its history. In both cases they are just there to allow liquidity.

    Personally I keep USDC for parked investments because of the recent bear atmosphere. I get 7% interest right now at SwissBorg for keeping it there.

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