Famous crypto trader named five promising tokens

The author of one of the most popular YouTube channels about cryptocurrencies, Lark Davis, spoke about five altcoins, which, in his opinion, will show strong growth in the near future.

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Lark Davis, a crypto trader from New Zealand (268 thousand subscribers on YouTube), named the altcoins that he considers the most promising in the medium and long term.


The cost of the Polygon token for April 8 is $ 0.34. Over the past year, the cryptocurrency has risen in price by 2608% (from $ 0.013). Lark Davis expressed the opinion that the market does not yet understand the full potential of Polygon. According to him, the token has an ecosystem that is larger than many other blockchains with a larger market capitalization. The trader is confident that the Polygon price will rise.

Polygon (formerly known as Matic Network) is an Ethereum sidechain or child blockchain built to accelerate decentralized applications and smart contracts. The throughput of their sidechain reaches 7 thousand transactions per second. All transactions in Polygon are confirmed by validators for a reward while using less energy (as opposed to Ethereum miners). Thus, the main Ethereum network is not overloaded, and applications based on it run in Polygon.

Injective protocol

The Injective token, according to Lark Davis, is still at the testing stage, but it already allows holders to conduct transactions with zero commission, thanks to the Layer Two technology. The trader believes that after the launch of the main network, the market capitalization of Injective will exceed $ 1 billion.As of April 8, the cost of the token is $ 14.10 with a capitalization of $ 190 million.

The Injective Protocol is a versatile DeFi protocol for cross-chain derivatives trading using a variety of financial products such as spot trading, futures and swaps.


The next altcoin on Lark Davis’s list is Marlin. The token protocol provides high-performance programmable networking infrastructure for DeFi and Web 3.0. It allows decentralized systems to securely take advantage of high performance relay networks without compromising decentralization.

The trader called this technology “high octane gasoline”, which significantly improves the platform. On April 8, Marlin is valued at $ 0.24 with a market cap of $ 183 million.


According to Lark Davis, the Kava token is a powerful yet underrated DeFi protocol. The trader claims that he has been following the altcoin almost since its inception and is confident in its ability to reach a capitalization of $ 1 billion.On April 8, the market capitalization of Kava is at $ 447 million with a token value of $ 7.66.

Kava DeFi operates as a decentralized bank of digital assets, allowing users to access a range of decentralized financial services, including its own USDX stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, as well as synthetic and derivative financial instruments.

Ocean protocol

Ocean Protocol is still in its infancy, so Lark Davis believes that the prospects for this token are promising. As an argument, he cites the fact that the main investor of altcoin is the Binance crypto exchange. At 12:00 Moscow time, Ocean Protocol is trading at $ 1.58, and the altcoin capitalization is $ 670 million.

Ocean Protocol brings together business, technical, and governance structures to securely exchange and sell data and services. The Ocean Protocol blockchain stores metadata, data links, provides a licensing structure, and has pricing toolboxes.

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