1) FACT: Whales are steadily whittling their slice of the pie. At this rate there will soon only be a handful with single digit T hodlers, and the 100+B sells will also gradually disappear (when they reappear they will be taking out whales). Whales will have gotten a nice profit, and their power will be neutralized. At that point the project (and price) will really be in the hands of the community. WIN/WIN.

2) FACT: Thanks to the early success of the project, devs are outfitted and funded to do what they plan. The days of poocoin rugpull FUD are soooooo far in the rearview and this is now an established token to be taken seriously. We have both liftoff and fuel. Dev team has grown, has the pieces they need, and are intent on continuing the journey and have a hunger and drive and every intention of creating disruptive change. They are not just developing things for growth’s sake (although that’s great for the community). They really want to change the world. Fact is, the project would fizzle out if it wasnt for their ambition. Projects without heart flame out. Some don’t see it, but I believe this crew has ambition, drive, a clear vision and now has momentum. All evidence is pointing to the fact that they are working on more than they are telling us (vs the opposite) and they have established credibility in being consistent in delivering. Bridges and wallet *are* just the first pieces of a bigger ecosystem that they *will* deliver. Plus, they aren’t filming themselves to make a documentary of them doing nothing. This is going places.

3) FACT: The project does not appear to be worried if they publicly challenge Binance. As if to say: “We really wanted to be on your exchange as our next big step … Nevermind. Our plans just got bigger and we realize don’t need you anymore” Who does that? I’ll tell you – a project with some serious developments in the pipeline.

4) FACT: Not gonna lie – the price is on a slow decline as new interest has waned and whales slowly and nobly fall on their diamond swords so they can go live in bigger mansions, and so we may have the hope of upgrading our digs. The price action is sad. It is not peachy. But that is the nature of risk and investment. People have different levels of tolerance and assets. We are still in the early risk/reward stage. We do need new interest to reverse this trend. We need something that will bring troves of new buyers in, not just the existing community buying some more here and there. The fact is, it is still early – there is so much still ahead of us. Between a wallet, exchange and a smaller whale footprint we should see price improve. But that’s just exiting the atmosphere. I really believe these guys are out to drive disruptive change and that the target really is the moon. It may take time, but it will come.

Safe travels to the moon, fellow astronauts.

Opinions only, not investment advice.

What do you think?

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  1. The key is access without doing multiple conversions or paying heinous gas fees. This wallet buy option can be the trigger. A whale just bought 3mil worth of safemoon. Something exciting may be happening soon…

  2. This is a great post and tbh I can’t complain about the price action too much as I’ve been filling my bags every week and would love to continue to for at least another month or so. It’s a great accumulation period, for sure!

  3. Stop looking at the price. Look to the future!

    These guys are doing incredible things! This is a revolution in DeFi projects. Just 3 months ago, it was just another shit token. But what now?

    Wallet, exchange soon, grandiose plans. Many projects raise millions of dollars, but they do not have such progress.

    There is progress here.

  4. I’m glad the whales are exiting, but that 419b sell for 1.6 mil still hurt to see 10 minutes ago. I’m not stressing the charts but happened to see that this morning, and actually had a tinge of anger for a second.

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