EVGA XC3 3080 Pad Replacement

Repad was a success! Dropped about 10+ C on VRAM. Now hovering around 84 where it used to be 94-98.

Used Gelid Ultimate instead of Thermalright since the pads were cheaper by half (since they came with set of two for the same price).

The old pads were SUPER goopy. They felt like super thick thermal paste instead of pads. They left tons of residue and were pretty much impossible to remove cleanly from the cards. If anyone wants repad EVGA cards, I would suggest repadding them immediately if you plan to mine long term (longer than 2 months).

I used 2mm on the memory. 1 mm on the chokes and 2mm on the mosfets.

What do you think?

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  1. Be mindful of the “goopy” stuff. EVGA actually used thermal PASTE for some areas. I noticed that on my XC3 and FTW3. Maybe you were able to squish the 2mm thermal pads down far enough for it to work well. I’d recommend taking a closer look just to make sure nothing is bent out of the normal.

    I did used a combination of pads and pastes (on different spots, not on top of each other). Worked about the same too.

    Good luck!

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