ETH Mining rig won’t post

BIOSTAR TB250-BTC+ 8 GPU SUPPORT LGA 1151 Core i7/i5/i3 LGA1151 Intel B250 DDR4
Intel Core i3 7100
3x RTX 3070
Kingston 240 GB SATA SSD Hard Drive
Rosewill Gaming Power Supply – 1000 Watt
MintCell PCIe Risers
Windows 10 running CudoMiner (Don’t judge I am a noob I know)
8GB DDR4 RAM (single slot)

Been mining with this rig for about 5 months no major problems except the occasional shutdown due to updates or something like that. Few days ago it started shutting off for no reason, restarted it successfully last night and went into console to find jobs are stalling or not starting. Next thing I know the rig is off and won’t POST.

Steps I’ve taken:
I’ve shut the rig off and on multiple times. After getting no changes and no BIOS screen or POST, I started unplugging all GPUs and risers one at a time. Currently nothing is connected to the motherboard except the power supply, processer, a single RAM card and the hard drive with my Windows image. In other words – I’ve stripped it to the bare minimum and it still won’t post.

Not sure what to try from here – was going to try swapping the RAM card out to a different slot a few times and see if that works. Any other troubleshooting steps to fix would be greatly appreciated.

What do you think?

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  1. Not sure what it’s like in the modern era, but if there is a speaker plugged into the motherboard speaker header it should beep a series of beeps, based on these beeps and the motherboard beep codes, you should be able to discern what’s going on.

  2. When I built my rig last week, my rig wouldn’t boot at all. I had a feeling it was the motherboard because of how cheap everything looked and felt( the biostar) I went to microcenter and picked up a $150 asus tuf motherboard and it turned right on.

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