erigon with lighthouse: rpcdaemon connection issue

So big picture, I have geth 1.10.3 running with lighthouse and a validator in production and it’s running just fine. However, sometime prior to 4 August, I need to upgrade geth to 1.10.4 (or later) to be london-fork compliant. I have a second “test” server running erigon and lighthouse (with no validator) . The version of lighthouse on the production server points to the test server as a secondary eth1 endpoint. Both eth1 nodes are fully synced.

My plan is to stop the geth process, which will cause production lighthouse to switch to using the erigon node. I can the upgrade geth to be london-fork compliant. I assume once geth is back running and resynced, the production lighthouse will switch back (If my assumption is wrong, I guess I can restart production lighthouse between epochs to switch it back).


The problem: The test version of lighthouse cannot connect to the rpcdaemon erigon process, and if the test version cannot connect, then I’m sure prod will fail too. I get an error from both lighthouse and rpcdaemon logs once per minute, every time it tries to connect.

lighthouse: 14:45:52.827 WARN Error connecting to eth1 node endpoint action: trying fallbacks, endpoint: [http://localhost:8545/](http://localhost:8545/), service: eth1_rpc

rpcdaemon: 14:45:52 toprack rpcdaemon[12843]: WARN [07-11|14:45:52.837] Served conn=[::1]:52276 method=net_version reqid=1 t=15.011724484s err=”context canceled”


My googlefoo is pretty good, but I can’t seem to find any info on this. Does anyone recognize these errors that can suggest config changes? I pulled erigon from git ~16 days ago.


Any help is appreciate,


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  1. Can’t help with the rest, but:

    >I assume once geth is back running and resynced, the production lighthouse will switch back

    Your assumption is correct. You could test this now by putting the remote server first and your local server second in your primary server lighthouse settings; it will throw a few warnings but continue to work, and as soon as you get your Erigon node working it will switch to that.

    Also commenting because I’m thinking of setting up a backup using exactly your configuration, and I will come back to this thread later.

  2. Have you tried these?

    ./build/bin/erigon –datadir=<your_data_dir> –private.api.addr=localhost:9090

    ./build/bin/rpcdaemon –datadir=<your_data_dir> –private.api.addr=localhost:9090 –http.api=eth,erigon,web3,net,debug,trace,txpool,shh

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