ERC Tokens that are worth the hodl?

I know there are lots of tokens posted on Cryptomoonshots every day but most of them are meme/shitcoins. I tried my luck on some of them but let them go later on and focused just on these two:

$STARS ([Mogul Productions]( I got this since they’re the only film production company (that I’m aware of) that has integrated movies into the blockchain. I need these STARS to participate in their platform.

$PNGN ([SpacePenguin]( A charity token! 0.1% of their transactions are sent to, a charity that works to halt global warming by combatting deforestation.

Any other tokens that you think are worth the hold? I want to try again while waiting for ETH 2.0

What do you think?

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  1. I’m personally holding some UNI, AAVE and COMP as they are the governance tokens for their respective platforms. Always nice to have some actual say in the way things run. Also have some link as it will be a large player in the future imo, oracles are important for acting as a bridge between data in the real world and the blockchain.

    Oooh don’t forget Donuts the governance token for this sub.

  2. If you want something very chill, then $BAT might be for you. It stands for Basic Attention Token and it’s geared towards the ads industry. If you have Brave Browser, you can earn $BAT just by clicking on their ads, and every month it accumulates into $BAT you can put into your wallet.

  3. AMP (Flexa) has a great foundation and just announced partnerships with InComm, which has 500,000 points of retail locations. They’ll collateralize payments instantly in brick & mortar stores so people can spend their crypto of choice.

  4. I am now 100% in $Munch, as far as my research could go it is the best charity token available. Almost $3m raised so far (3 months, with 2 months of that in a less than favourable market conditions) Currently a 10% transaction fee, 5% goes directly from the contract to the last voted charities wallet, no room for poor practice, all charities are professional, well trusted & vetted. 5% gets redistributed among holders. Available on Bsc and Eth side and swappable via a bridge. Beautiful holders dashboard where you can see how much you have personally donated, how many rewards you have received, P/L etc etc. Big fully transparent and engaged team. Staking & farming to be released soon, likely before the months end, this will as i understand reduce some fees and enable a holder to choose what % of rewards from staking or farming they keep or donate – need more cash this month, keep 100%, feeling flush and want to make a difference choose to keep 25% or even 0% of rewards and donate the rest, the choice is great. Charity launch pad in development that enables each buyer/holder to chose the charity of their personal choice to donate to, from a vetted list via partnership with the chopping block. This will be potentially hundreds of charities. The future will allow other charities and funding choices too. The charity ‘go fund me’ of crypto. Just awesome. Now is a great time to buy, this is an easy 20x+ with potential for huge future gains (add zeros) : ) check the site and ask questions to the team on telegram, they are always available on Eastern/Western time zones and happy to help. [](

  5. Join the Ampire my guy.

    AMP / Flexa’s crypto payment patents and current adoption trajectory are undeniable. The business model is spot on. Then the cherry on top are the people involved in it that ensure success. In my own stooge opinion of course lol.

    +Volume = +Value

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