EOS is the open source blockchain that I feel Papa wants.

It’s decentralized focusing on the DAPP side of things.

It has proven itself to be over 3000 transactions per second which fits exactly what Papa mentioned.

[Test Bench for EOS](

It’s open source capability and concentration on DAPP is what Thomas loves the best which to me is a sign on its own.

It’s cross chain compatible.


Everything fits for what Papa is looking at, the biggest part is trying to find an open source block chain that is decentralized not involved with banking and this fits the bill.

What better way to rile up Binance then to be able to run Safemoon on EOS. You always have to be the first to innovate on just talk about it.



Here is a reddit post that also talks about Safemoon wanting to bridge to EOS?



Another Safemoon video credit to the maker:

Crypto Atlas.



Are the owls starting to hoot yet?


What do you think?

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