EncryptoTel weekly update #2: roadmap and buywall/exchanges | by EncryptoTel


Dear EncryptoTel investors,

Thank you for your patience as we finish distribution of our token and prepare arrangements for the next steps. We have three pieces of news that we think will be of interest to the community: a detailed roadmap, an update about the promised buywall and preliminary news about exchange listings.

We have created an infographic of a detailed timeline for EncryptoTel’s development. It is our intention to meet these milestones at the times stated, although of course, it is never possible to guarantee deadlines in advance. Nonetheless, we think these steps are manageable and realistic. You can see the full development outline in the image below.

Secondly, many of you have been asking about the buywall that we said would be set to allow investors to sell their tokens if they were unhappy about the overfunding we received in our crowdsale. This buywall will be placed on the Waves DEX and on tomorrow at 13pm Moscow time. 200,000 WAVES will be used to buy back ETT tokens, which will then be burned to reduce supply. Waves token users can sell wETT on DEX, whilst Ethereum token holders will be able to sell their eETT tokens for WAVES on Tidex. The bid price for the wall in WAVES will be calculated automatically at the equivalent of 0.000047 BTC per ETT.

Exchange listing
Lastly, we are in contact with a number of exchanges, and our managers are trying to stay in touch with every exchange that might want to add us. We are also working on our side with exchange integrations from the technical point of view.

Today, C-CEX added our Ethereum token eETT — see

Trading, deposits and withdrawals are all operational. You can trade ETT on C-CEX here: We hope to have more exchange announcements in the future.

Kind regards,

The EncryptoTel team

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