EncryptoTel: Development Update #1 | by EncryptoTel


The success of our crowdsale to date means that we’re able to move forward on a number of fronts — something we plan to start doing immediately.

Whilst there is still up to another 4 weeks left of our crowdsale, we have collected enough funding to know that we are in a strong position to move forwards with our business and development plan.

To date, investors have been generous enough to back us with over $1.8 million. This total is subject to change due to the rapid rise in the value of BTC, and resulting volatility in the alts — we are also collecting WAVES, ETH and ETC. At the moment, funding is split roughly equally between BTC and everything else. Anyone familiar with the dynamics of the cryptocurrency markets will know that things can move very fast, and although there are never any guarantees there is now a good chance we will meet our $3 million cap. If this occurs, the crowdsale will end and it will only be possible to buy tokens on the secondary market.

Whilst the total we will collect is still unknown, the funding we have already secured has enabled us to start making key decisions. We are looking to hire new talent, including developers, and are also seeking the right country in which to register our company and offices. As well as the milestones detailed in our roadmap, we also have enough funding to begin development of our investor dashboard — more on this in due course.

We are aware that some investors are still experiencing issues with the crowdsale portal. Many of these have now been addressed, though there are still some display problems with regard to certain balances. Whilst we wait for these to be fixed, we would like once again to reassure investors that all deposits are securely logged on the blockchain and all funds are safely held in escrow. If you are experiencing issues, please add your details to this form and we will aim to address them as soon as possible.

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