ELONBALLS launching today🔥, the newest token in the POKELON ecosystem is about to explode at launch! NFT farming, Physical NFTs, Staking and more.

Pokelon is a BEP20 token launched on May 11th focused on minting NFTs of Pokelon cards which are Pokémon creatures mixed with Elon Musk, or things related to him. It had a pretty solid run but was definitely impacted by the market crash around that time, so the dev team seemed to switch focus on creating more functionality and build an ecosystem.

Enter Elonballs launching on 07/21/21. A brand new token and this thing is pretty much filled to the brim with features that are immediately available at launch. The art alone could probably moon this thing.

Telegram: [](


● Token drops the same day as Jack Dorsey and Elon Musks public talk about why companies should adopt Bitcoin

● Users can stake the old token, Pokelon, to earn Elonballs at 112% APY

● NFT Farming. You can stake Elonballs or Pokelon to earn Pokelon NFTs or

moonstones to evolve Pokelon you already have.

● Elonballs seems to be designed to be the “Blue” version of the original token’s

“Red”. There are exclusive Pokelon NFTs that you can only get if you own


● Legendary Pokelon NFTs that you can only get if you own both tokens

● The devs have showed reliability, continuously developing the POKELON

ecosystem through good and bad days

● NFT Art is incredible and should be easy to market

● Buyback of BOTH tokens from a kraken being called “Gyaradip”

● You can collect gym badges by completing community tasks and claim an Ultra

Rare NFT!

● Devs are very active in the Telegram, answering all questions and always open

to suggestions

● Great community, the most fun I’ve had in a meme coin since $DOGE in 2014

● Good potential to reach international markets● HUGE marketing campaign, team is currently in talks with Soulja Boy…

● Imagine Elon Musk taking note of the coin…

Check out the Elondex to see which lovable or devious Pokelon are already out there.


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Presale: 400000000000000 (40%)

Available At Listing: 400000000000000 (40%) Private Sale: 100000000000000 (10%) Burned At Launch: 50000000000000 (5%) Marketing Tokens: 30000000000000 (3%) Development Tokens: 20000000000000 (2%) Buy Tax: 2% Holders, 4% Mktg, 6% Buyback Sell Tax: 7% Holders, 2% Mktg, 2% Buyback


Website: [](

Whitepaper: [](

Gym Badges: [](

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