Elon Musk is having (The Talk) TODAY.

Today is the day that Elon has the discussion of Bitcoin possibly being used again as payment for Tesla since 50%+ of Bitcoin Miners have switched to more of an efficient way of energy use.
Though Elond did say if 50% of miners did switch to a better way of energy use that he would accept them again. Well today is the day that he has the sit down, & everything is looking good. I do believe Bitcoin will get good news, & will be accepted once again. Which will be great for all Crypto including DOGE, since BTC does at this current point in time have dominance over the the crypto world.
HODL my DOGE.ARMY, continue to hold with Diamond πŸ’Ž Hands πŸ™Œ, & ride to Mars & beyond.
August also has some great news for Doge. I will share that info in my next post.

What do you think?

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  1. Be ready for the b word this weekend.

    If it has good news, we can see a fast recovery.

    If not, DCA and stack your bags * little by little

    * Using a real exchange. Not a single penny on RH

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