Eligibility – Unable to buy or sell on Coinbase

Urgent help required, please!

After several years as an eligible user of the Coinbase platform, Coinbase have suddenly determined that I are not eligible to use the Coinbase platform to purchase cryptocurrency or use our deposit services. I am unable to buy or sell, as the buttons are disabled. They state “As a security measure, we are unable to elaborate on our internal decision process. This decision remains final and we will not be able to remove this restriction from your account.”

Absolutely nothing has changed from my end since I opened my account several years ago and I have used the platform without any issue.

How can they now determine (out of the blue) that I am not eligible without providing any information to support their extreme measure? Any ideas as the support team are not providing any info to help resolve?

To highlight some key points from my perspective:-

1. I have never breached any Terms and Conditions.

2. My identification and information has been re-verified with an updated ID document uploaded to Coinbase. And, yes, I am over 18 years old and live in the UK.

3. I have never had my account compromised by a 3rd party.

4. I have never and would never engage in any illegal activity.

What do you think?

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