$EDIT – up 25% today since my last post yesterday, still a lot of room to run

Editas Medicine, see my last post yesterday, has popped 25% today. Will continue to run


It traded at $99 a share in Jan and a piss ton of significant positive news has come out since then:

– CEO personally bought $1.2 M in shares in March

– ARK & Bill Gates hold a huge steak in EDIT (Literally can’t go titts up)

– They have groundbreaking tech / IP in genomics (Too retarded to post all of it. Research it yourself)

– Started trails on children for their leading therapy (Wouldnt do this unless initial adult trials are going well).

– Strong pipeline of therapies to cure / remedy blindness, sickle cell anemia, type 1 diabetes, big important health shit

– 18% of shares are short and its popping, tards are betting against cutting edge tech that has been proven to work and losing (See recent NTLA news, EDIT uses similar tech) further driving volume

Have a $35K position I’ve built over the last several months as it declined from Jan highs of $99, believe it will run much higher than that and quite higher given Sept phase 1 trails of Edit 101 are positive (Which all signs point to).

What do you think?

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