Earn Birb with our Exciting and Simple Game Portal.

Learn how you can earn Birb tokens in 3 easy steps.

**Step 1: Drain**

5% of BIRB tokens in the PancakeSwap pool are drained daily. Every 24 hours any holder can call the action to drain the pool. Remember, only one holder can call the action so you must be fast! Birb Hatch

**Step 2**: **Hatching**

The user that successfully drains the pool will receive 1% of the drained BIRB tokens as a reward. This is what we like to call ‘hatching the nest’. All holders can take their chance to hatch the nest every 24 hours when the pool is reset in our gaming portal. Birb Holder Rewards

**Step 3: Holders Earn Rewards**

Holders can still earn even if they could not hatch the nest! Every 3 days the top 250 holders are automatically distributed 48% of drained $BIRB. The remaining 51% of the drained tokens will be burned forever.

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