Dying of of old age waiting for rocket pool..

Hello Ethstakers,

As the title suggests I’m really dying to realize some staking rewards from my Eth. I have 32+ Eth but lack the technical know-how and the will to run my own node.

I’ve been looking at all the staking services. I feel reluctant with all of them though I’m leaning with Stakewise. It appears the service via SW can all be done via ledger which gives me some comfort.

Can anyone recommend SW solo staking or a different staking service? My priority is safety/security first and foremost. For that I’m willing to accept less apy and pay higher fees if necessary.

P. S. Not interested in services/cex’s requiring kyc


What do you think?

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  1. Build your own validator on a testnet using eth2-docker. Then decide if you can do it on main net or not.

    I never touched Linux/Ubuntu before and I managed to successfully run a solo validator since genesis. Planning to switch over to rocketpool after the clean up fork.

  2. Do it yourself! Education is underrated. There are good guides to do this on the test net and get confortable (someast) , all you need is maybe 8hrs total of your time

  3. This is not what you posted about, so please don’t downvote blast me, but I would highly recommend giving it a go staking on your own validator. I’m a super new non-technical person to the crypto world, and I got mine in the queue after a little over a month of research and testnet trials. I’m happy to help (as best I can) if you have Q’s about how.

    But, if you’ve decided it’s not for you, I totally get that. It did take a lot of time, and there’s a ton of risk you can cut out with 3P services.

  4. if you need a step by step help, PM me and i’ll be happy to help (you can use the chat feature).

    100% better to go your own way in my personal opinion

    We can set you up on a testnet first if you want to see it actually working before pulling the trigger in real life.

  5. I am also using stakewise. I took part of the ETH I saved up for staking on Rocketpool and put it into stakewise. You just deposit your coins into their smart contract and the rewards keep coming in daily.

  6. I’m happy to walk you through setting up your own node over video chat, or you can check out my youtube videos on setting up and maintaining a validating node. I have 5 or 6 videos made about it already.

  7. DAppNode.

    Install the ISO image on any Intel computer, and you can have the testnet up and running. The whole setup takes 1-3 hours.

    After that it’s simple to start your Mainnet node, just by activating those two apps (Geth and Prysm) which are functionally the same as the testnet apps.

    There is an active Discord user community, too.

  8. Thanks for all of your comments. I guess I should’ve been more clear. I cannot run my own validator for a number of reasons (which I won’t get into). Any opinions on the most secure staking service. No cex/kyc. I want to be able to keep all keys on my ledger. Thanks again for any advice.

  9. Staking from home is as simple as:

    – Buying [a Small Factor PC](
    – [Installing Ubuntu 20.04 on it](
    – [Using the wizard](, following the instructions and clicking next

    There are variations of those, but it’s much easier than people think. The EthStaker community will gladly support you through all those steps if you have any question, comment or issue.

  10. Hi, I have a wonderful solution for you. I work with a specialized Token Exchange. The Exchange presently has an exciting promo going on with becoming a Ethereum 2 Validator. The promo is to invest: 20 Eth and they will cover the additional 12th. In the first 5-10 days you will get between 7 – 10 Eth back. Every 11 days you will receive 1.21 Eth. After 6 months you will receive your 32 Eth plus your 7-10 Eth or you can continue to stake it for 11 months and receive 40 eth or more. Anyone interested in this opportunity – please email me at [](

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