“Cryptogeddon” and some sideways trdg, etc. has got a lot of cats on edge and I’m here to get you PUMPED UP again!! This SM team captured our hearts, minds, loyalty, imagination, and investments by letting loose their 2021 Roadmap and communicating about it. The roadmap + comm has us anxiously waiting for the REVOLUTION!!!

Now let’s think about what they’re doing for one sec. Courtesy of Big Don (Dad), I’ve been in the business world since I was 5. Durable, sustainable competitive advantage was taught to me before the alphabet. At 5 yrs my lemonade stand needed to add iced-tea, Iced coffee, and be better and cheaper than the other stands. Also needed to keep some vodka under the table cloth for those that were looking for some re-lax. Through thorough market research, it was determined that I had a sustainable competitive advantage.

According to fairygodboss, A **sustainable competitive advantage** refers to a **company’s** certain abilities, assets or attributes that are difficult to recreate or surpass in success. As such, they sustain their **competitive advantage** over other similar and likeminded companies in the market.

According to innismaggiore, Buffett referred to durable “competitive advantage” as a company’s “economic moat.” That is, a company’s competitive advantage **provides protection similar to how a moat protects a castle**. … The tougher the advantage is to imitate, the wider the moat. The more value to the customer, the deeper the moat.

The SafeMoon Durable/Sustainable Competitive Advantage IS The Revolution. I heard there are over 10k crypto coins/tokens. Among them are real competitors with resources who are sure as all hell are trying to compete w SM. This is no lemonade stand folks… Let them dev hard and deliver the sweet revolution when it is ready for delivery. Done correctly, the revolution will lock in the durable, sustainable competitive advantage.

Peace and love Army! Stay the course, stay positive, and stay excited!!!! This ride is going to blow our minds!!!

What do you think?

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  1. If I may add: If you feel other projects might have a chance at their own moat, then diversify. An element to try and remember is (we are led to believe) that Safemoon is NOT trying to crush all other crypto projects. The goal is to transcend the way cryptocurrency is viewed/used and allow for ALL crypto projects to benefit.

  2. I sold worms at 5. The biggest juiciest ones in the county. 50 cents a doz. A bottle of tequila under the stand. I’m liking Safemoon’s plan. Let’s go!!!

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