Doomsday Presale on 17th of July 17h00 UTC🚀- $DoubleD [HUGE POTENTIAL]


Once upon a time, there was a group of aspiring investors looking to spread their gold across many different charitable tokens. They thought they could save the world. Soon enough, they realized none of these tokens delivered what was promised and the world was all but doomed.

Refusing to accept defeat, the aspiring group of investors decided that if saving the world was no longer a possibility, we had to prepare ourselves for doomsday. And just like that, out of the darkness and through defeat, a token designed for the end of all ends was born. For having the party of all parties. In Moon. In the forté. Confused? We would be too.

Allow me to introduce DoomsDay Coin ($DoubleD), a crypto project that aims nothing else besides building a doomsday tragedy-free infrastructure: the Forté. Not bunker, not fort. Forté.

Where will this Forté be built? MOON.

There are many Moon named locations in the world. We plan to buy land on one of these locations where we’d be able to set our Forté, and as others fight for their lives screaming that the end is nigh, we’d be inside the Forté having the party of all parties, $DoubleD’s for everyone guaranteed. Some people have already started calling it FortéFest, some DoomsDay Fest and others just fest, because they know what this is all about.

Either way, all of which makes DoomsDay Coin the project that most accurately answers a commonly asked question by crypto holders: ‘’When moon?’’. Well let me tell you, sooner than any other coin you’ve read about.

Tired of roadmaps mentioning weirdly named useless functions and ‘’Special XYZ Crazy Secret Project’’ you can’t even understand what they’re on about? Well our Roadmap is crystal clear and it can easily be summed into a 3-Step Program.

1. Buy land in one of the available Moons

2. Build the Forté

3. Party

Understand that this team will never be working towards listings, getting on binance, doing audits or anything like that. That’s not what this project is about. Quite the opposite, if we ever get applied by someone else for a listing, we will cancel it. If CoinMarketCap lists us, we’ll sue them. If Elon Musk tweets about us, we’ll short Tesla. And fuck audits, how did they ever stop your investments from hitting rock bottom?

This is a project about preparing to the end of all ends, the party of all parties and to actually have a Crypto Project that does not fail to land on Moon, where we’ll be hiding and partying safely in our Forté, Double D’s everywhere (DDs have free forté entry)

Everything around the forté construction and moon location will always be discussed with the community, who will help guide us towards Moon every step of the way.

Pre-Sale information in Telegram.

How can you not want to be a part of it? Join us!

🐥Telegram: [](

🌐Website: TBA

🦜Twitter: [](

📈Chart : TBA

📑 Reddit : [](

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