Dont know what im doing but doing it ok

So.. i bought 3 eth for almost 3500usd each.
i was in the beginning feeling very scared to be honest.
My 14h daily focus was looking at the charts having anxiety.
Because 10k, even i can afford to lose them, its still good chunk of money for a nice vacation, new synthesizer(s) and what not.
It honestly came to a point that my body was telling my head to step back and let it be…
After couple of days not even looking at the charts i wanted to test another approach so i started trading. we all know we had a couple of weeks with predictable up and downs and looking at the charts, i just bought a little bit above lowest point and sold a bit lower then the highest point.
Then we had a big crash couple of weeks ago, i swapped my usdc that i always exchange to, waiting for the dip but this time ada had huge short term crash so instead of buying eth i bought ada and made 40% profit.
at the next dip i bought eth and i sold it at 2314 before the dip we are in today.

im going to wait a little because right now, i just want to feel safe that btc is going to stay above 30k before i buy eth. because if it does not, i could get it cheap as 1600usd if im lucky.

what im trying to say is for those that bought very high just like i did. dont leave crypto. instead see it as somewhat a forced situation to learn as much as you can and it could be that it opens a new world with a new hobby, side job or even your main hustle after time.

It also made me cut down on unnessery things because i see the things i want to purchase in lost eth. lol
Im enjoying life but i cut down on a lot of stupidity like taking the car each time i go outside the door, eating out 5 times a week like before. Just that is great amount of money if you add the road tax.

The crap i had to go through forced me to look at support levels, news, hate elon even more, fear levels, why i like bears and how important they actually are and so on.

If i was to buy eth from the 3eth that i purchased and traded, i would get 5.8 eth right at this moment.
i have it all in usdc and i just want to see if the support levels hold up before i swap to having what i really wanted at the first beginning, 💎 ethereum 💎 🙂

I hope this post motivates some of you ladies and gents out there going in very high.

and sorry for my sheity english!

What do you think?

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