Don’t be Like Me

Been holding and buying a little over a year. After the pop, I eventually got to the point where I closed my savings account. I figured my returns were way better than the bank. I got great at timing my bills until one week I got confused by being in different time zones and working like a animal.
I thought pay day was a few days away when really it was the following week. Well I realized it only after getting home to multiple late fees and overdrafts from my bill pay account. Luckily I was able to negotiate away all but one fee due to my impeccable payment history, but the worst part was have to liquidate holdings acquired during the dip, more than I had bought that week, to cover the expenses.
I preach don’t invest more than you are comfortable with and that is how my business plan is written, but simple oversights can screw you.
Pay attention out there hope this reminder can help someone.

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  1. If you’re flying that close to the wind, you really have no business gambling. Which of course is what you’re really doing. Cryptos are most definitely NOT ‘investments’ and thinking they are is just kidding yourself.

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