Dogeism For all Dogecoin lovers


I want to make a collection of fantasy stories about Doge.

If you can write a story, draw, or any art .

Dogeism needs you .


If you are a professional, great.

If not professional, still great .


I want to challenge the power of creativity with story and art .

Even if you are a beginner .

Write the first fantasy story for Doge, or the first painting .

It does not matter how old you are.

One moment after the bed , one moment before the grave . 😉

You can also invite your friends and family and build a team .

And you guide them as a leader.


We hope to make rapid progress, receive advertising or sell arts and stories.

We are not a marketplace at the moment, but I will try to share the income with you.

And enjoy the income of it all.


Just For Fun 🙂

Please share .


Thank You.


Dogeism dot com

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