Dogecoin’s community feels weaker and I’m sad.

I’ve been in this subreddit for a bit now and when I first joined before the spike past 10 cents, everyone seemed so happy and nice. Sure, doge was worth less than it is now but the community seemed to care less about that and more about each other and that’s why I fell in love with dogecoin. Unfortunately, that seems to be changing. Most of what I see now is: “Who’s still hodling?” “HODL?” “Is doge dead?” yada yada yada. I’ve of course made one or two posts in total regarding the aforementioned but it’s gotten so prevalent. Where are the posts of cute dogs or happy things bought with doge or gifts given to family and friends? I want to come on to this community and feel the warmth again as opposed to the desperation for high prices that seem to have consumed us.

TLDR: 1 Doge = 1 Doge. I don’t care about the dips because I have you guys, but lately, it feels everyone else doesn’t feel that way and ONLY wants the money.

What do you think?

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  1. What else is this sub for? Check on the weather? Horse races? Who has the best food? It’s like a conversation starter, if you want something different on the thread. Ask away and change the subject. I’m here just to see who is holding, who is hurting like me and who is buying the dips like me. HODL!!!

  2. That’s due to the birth of imitators aka shitcoins and the fools who bought in to those are working overtime to taint our beloved dogecoin. I think most of the Doge holders are still those Lovely folks but the community is being sabotaged.

  3. I think we’re all hunkered down in survival mode. It’s hard to hodl when everything looks so bleak. But if anything else, it should make us all feel better that it is not just Doge suffering, but every other coin out there. It’s going to be a waiting game between us, the little guy, and them, hedge-fund investors with deep, deep pockets.

    I’m cheered daily by the “I used Flexa for the first time and spent my Doge at Baskin-Robbins!” THAT is the goal, that is what we need to set our sights on. Using this currency. Right now it’s cheaper than ever to buy Doge, spend it with Flexa, and rebuy with the fiat you would have spent. This is the way.



  4. People are risking more money now therefore are more stressed when it’s down or simply not going up. Back at .04c $1000 got you 25,000 coins. Now that same 25,000 coins would cost you $5,200 dollars. And that’s assuming you bought now at. 21c. A LOT of people are down all their money, of course they aren’t happy.

  5. Is it just me or does it feel like this sub lacks good original memes. And if a meme takes off or a tween it gets reposted in multitudes. I feel like it’s mainly karma farmers and are starting to lack genuine posters. Think before you post !

  6. A lot of those people acting loyal and talking about holding sold off to get into the amcstock thing, and some of them sold off to buy baby doge, with all of these people making spin off coins hoping to strike it rich when it’s pumped and dumped it’s going to be a hard road for any altcoins, the list gets longer every day. A lot of the people who were here a month or two ago was because they saw reports of the profits some people made when the price spiked, when it didn’t happen for them over night all that loyalty went out the window and they moved on to the next get rich quick scenario. Not realizing they could easily improve their chances of profiting by having multiple investments. They forget that a lot of the people who made decent money were invested in doge for years, it’s not likely you will get rich off of crypto in a day, week, month, it will likely take years.

  7. A lot of people put money down thinking they’d get rich quick and now they’re here trying to figure out where they went wrong. 1 doge =1 doge it’s always been the way

  8. It’s all the haters from other coins who joined to bring us down……and try and hurt are community….they want us to fail and sell and disappear…..but I’m doge army I’m here to stay…stop the fud

  9. I’m here. Still holding strong!! I believe, in the end, we that hold will win. I have been saying it from the beginning…patience is the key. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  10. Of course it’s weaker the people that didn’t believe are gunna shake off, they always hop back on late after it rises and then complain even though they were the ones that didn’t hold on. I was telling people about it at a penny and they didn’t believe but once it hit 10 cents they started to dip their toes. There’s always people that are hesitant though it’s understandable.

  11. I will always love the 🐕🪙 and this community I’m new to the community and crypto, but let’s all not forget to HODL because it’s going to be one heck of a ride!!!!!

  12. I’m here. Still holding strong!! I believe, in the end, we that hold will win. I have been saying it from the beginning…patience is the key. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  13. It’s not uncommon that people are more hyped when their team is winning.

    Making a hype post when the market is moving sideways for weeks doesn’t really make sense.


    Imho, people here are still bullish on doge. It’s a market dip and we have to wait for it to pass for doge to get back to its previous levels.

  14. Not much news. Everything has been what it is for a while. The hype has slowed and everyone is just waiting for the next bull run.

    Is not just doge, every crypto is the same at the moment.

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