Dogecoin is Creating Prophets, not Profits

People blindly claiming that Dogecoin (or any coin) will blindly go up, especially in totally serious contexts, are delusional. They say this to generate attention and hope, and any contrary to “it will moon!!!! 1000x incoming!!!!” is shot down as “FUD” and being from a hater.

Crypto will never succeed if people have the emotional intelligence of a half-ripened banana. No amount of spaghetti string “analysis” done on free software which shows absolutely nothing will ever be proper proof of anything. Proper fundamentals and potential applications of blockchain technology need to be discussed, not “omg bottom is here!!! to the moon!!”

Isn’t the point of Crypto to appeal to the masses for widespread adoption in commerce, p2p systems, etc? Anyone who thinks cult-like blind support will make the average investor/potential adopter want to join the project is a fool.

Note: I hold Doge and other Cryptos and believe in the technology – it’s just if we want to see proper adoption, people need to be realistic and harbor common sense.

What do you think?

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  1. All we need to have as the general public is faith. The rest is up to the developers. We spend money on things every single day or our lives on things that lose value over time so my philosophy is, why not put some of that money on something that may actually make some and if it doesn’t, it’s no different than a pair of underwear that will be no good in 2 years, a car that starts breaking down and sometimes financially drowns the owner, etc., etc.

    PS…Bananas have no intelligence at all.

  2. “Crypto will never succeed if people have the emotional intelligence of a half-ripened banana.”

    You’ve just identified one of, if not THE largest hurdle for crypto to succeed in the long run: The average person is a dolt and half the population is below average. A successful currency needs to be cheap and easy to use by anyone with an 80+ IQ. Some posts on this subreddit make it seem like any idiot can be into DOGE but on average that’s not true.

    There are several obstacles to overcome for anyone wanting to use DOGE as intended, as a currency. Personally, I believe our developers can lower those hurdles and help DOGE evolve into that cheap and easy currency that everyone can use. It’ll take a few years before we know for sure. Until then, patience.

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