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Last week one of the Dogecoin developers created a post discussing a proposal to reduce dogecoin fees by 100x. You can read more about it in the link below and share your thoughts with the developers on this news.

Welcome to todays Daily Discussion post. You are dogecoin!

Here are some links and topics that people have wanted me to post here recently. Please take a look!


* [Such News! Are we ready for our tipbot keys?](

* [ is a list of many many many places you can spend dogecoin.](

* [Ledger – hardware wallet to keep your coins safe!](

* [Advice from a Gambling Counsellor]( –

* [Looking after your mental health]( –

* [Being aware of scammers](

* [Another Shibe wrote a post about being aware of scams.]( –

* [F@H (Folding@Home) and GitHub are NOT Doge helplines!](

* [From 7 years ago. An open letter to the Dogecoin community from co-founder Billy Markus](

* [Had a few people ask me to mention this petition to get Amazon to accept dogecoin](

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  1. Good evening, shibes! With another red day in the books, the FUD is everywhere. Don’t let it get to you – good investment decisions never come from it. What’s happening in the market today? Personally i’m beginning to think that a lot of it is coming from the news. There is so much negative crypto news out there pressuring people to SELL – talking about crashes, bear markets, and anything negative they can get their hands on. A lot of it comes off as generally ignorant about crypto, and maybe that’s on purpose. But the truth is that this kind of tactic works on a lot of people. Instinctually, people are inclined to buy high and sell low – it takes patience and discipline to be a smarter investor.

    But the latter folks are keeping Bitcoin where it is. Clearly there has been a renewed interest in Bitcoin holdings as it consolidates around the lower 30K range. This intentional shakedown of more fearful investors might be a false flag for what many are calling a bear market.

    Economies are recovering from the pandemic, and while inflation fears still loom, the pieces should be in place for crypto to begin a recovery. Don’t think it will happen tomorrow, but I see less and less volatility in Bitcoin as the days go on.

    Dogecoin is teetering around 20 cents, below the 200EMA and a critical retracement level – but not far off from where it needs to be, which is 21 and up. Slightly bearish though not as bad as thing were a week or two ago when the trendline was steeper.

    So what kind of market are we in? A buying market. Dollar cost average. Be smart, be patient, and look towards the future!

    Big movers:

    BUY 1,159,894 DOGE @ .20793

    BUY 435,340 DOGE @ .20704

    SELL 256,000 DOGE @ .20319

    Source: Cryptowatch desktop | BINANCE DOGE-USDT

  2. For new buyers, don’t buy in right now unless you have a long term outlook. Even then, it will come down farther. Best to wait it out. I say that because most people preach to buy the dip. Problem is that today’s dip is tomorrow’s high. And it keeps repeating. Can’t stress enough to use common sense. Yea it’s volatile, but it’s also in a bear market.

  3. ‘Buy the dip’ is a phrase when factors make it likely that the price will rise again, in bitcoins case – limited supply, 4 year halving, popular awareness, being adopted officially by more countries in the future.

    It does not apply to doge which has no basis for rising in the future beyond, it may be hyped up again.

  4. For all the new amigos that are buying Doge or keep buy more doge and 💎🤲🏼Stop buying it on RH. You don’t actually own/have any coins. You’re looking imaginary coins which technically don’t even exist.

    I sold all my 25k “coins” on RH and slowly been buying back on Coinbase. RH ain’t for the “people” especially since they don’t do any types of good, all they’re good for is getting sued.

  5. Imagine if for one day and one day only people could only buy stocks and crypto. No selling until the next day. I think it would be interesting to see how high prices drive when there is no selling involved. I get that it’s not a good idea and the sell off would be huge the next day, I just think it would be interesting to see how high some things go assuming the purchasing flow is usual just as any other day.

PLTR strangles for tomorrow

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