Doge-Ethereum Bridge 🌋

When comparing BTC, ETH and DOGE I see the patterns that the charts make are almost completely identical. These all have different use cases.

BTC- Store of value

ETH- Decentraland

DOGE- Fun affordable and underdog of these 2 mains.

I am bullish on Ethereum but if ETH can provide a deeper sense of purpose for DOGE, it might not be the “joke” so many make it out to be.

For this reason I do not believe DOGE to be a bubble ready to burst, but a volcano ready to erupt and create a new land for many crypto-enthusiasts to peruse in the future.

This relies heavy on the ETH-DOGE bridge to come, but according to charts, these already follow similar patterns in comparison to BTC

Not to mention when looking at other “Alt-coins” they didn’t respond to BTC grown as quickly as the two I mentioned above.

Let me know what you guys thing of the bridge to come and the good or bad it may bring to the table. As always do your own DD and don’t take my words as advice but encouragement to further your knowledge on the projects to come into crypto. Happy hunting !

What do you think?

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