DOGE. Do. Only. Good. Everyday. RIP TACO

Before I get into the story. Still holding. Sold at a break even point on RobinHood to move to Coinbase a few weeks ago and thankfully pricing dropped when I was able to buy back in and ended up with about 500 more coins than before (4,200 +/- coins total). So hopefully this story isn’t a bad sign.

So my wife and I left dinner (a local TexMex restaurant) and wife yelled stop as we drove around the back of the building on our way out. That’s where we first saw the saddest wet, smelly, malnourished, emaciated dog. He slowly raised his matted head and looked at us with his glassed over eyes with what could only be interpreted as a look of desperate help.

[Taco Post Bath](

I knew if we left him there he wouldn’t make it through the night. I grabbed by left over Tacos and slowly fed him small bites of lengua and tortilla. He was very tame and timid. Nothing but skin and bone. I picked him up in my arms and got into the back of my truck with him and had my wife drive us home (about .5 miles).

At home I placed him in the bathtub and began the process of bathing him it’s dawn dish soap to help with getting the fleas under control and dog shampoo to help his skin and coat. I cut enough mats that were potato chip size to fill up our bathroom trash can.

We boiled some raw chicken breast as white rice and fed him in small quantities every 3 hours throughout the night praying he would survive.

He finally stood on his own and went outside and used the bathroom #1 and 2 and everything seemed okay. His back legs were extremely weak and he would wobble when hiking his leg.

We took him to our vet first thing this morning and received the bad news.

He was well over 8 years old, heart worms so bad the vet said at his age he would never recover from them. His breathing was extremely labored and his heartbeat was all over the charts.

As much as it saddened us, the vet was right, the right thing to do was end his suffering. He was just suffering with too little fight left. So we reminded him he’s a good boy. Hugged and petted him. And stayed with him until his last breaths. Though we are sad; we are at peace knowing his last night on earth he was loved, had a warm dry place to sleep, and some good food. We named him Taco. He is why I hodl.

RIP Taco unk-2021

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  1. Made me tear up. I just think moments like that are us at our finest. You gave that kid comfort on his way out and it matters. 12 hours or 12 years it all becomes the same. You shared a moment that’s worth everything.
    Best to you and yours. Rip kiddo.

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