Doge coin vision!!!!!!

A couple of days ago I had a vivid dream including dogecoin. Of course this is not financial advice first and foremost. So when I have vivid dreams it’s usually a prediction of the future with a high enough accuracy that I should talk about it in case it comes true and I can be like “ya I predicted that”

So here’s the vision. I wake up and check dogecoin to find I have over 10660 on doge alone. That would mean that each coin is worth about 17 dollars each. To celebrate everyone dressed in either red or blue outfits. Now this could be one of two things 1. Election year or 2. Something about horde and alliance in WoW (just something else that I know is red or blue).

The last thing I can note is Nutella cookies that where kinda like take five but with a Nutella filling.

There’s still a 25% chance this won’t happen and my visions are never positive so Maybe I’m wrong but Doge to the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think?

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  1. I read somebody else saying Doge’s floor is for sure .17. They didn’t give any reasoning other than that being their gut feeling. So, after now reading this I’m for sure going to be a millionaire soon. Thank you sir.

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